Fritz Hermann — Singer, Songwriter

A Bottle

Peter Fritz Hermann

        D                             Bm                                 

    A bottle of this, a bottle of that,

           G                       A            D

    I'm glad when I have a drink. 


    A bottle of gin, a bottle of rum,

       G                  A        D

    a bottle of       anything.   

 Bm                                F#7               

I like a drink in the morning

  G          A               D            F#7

 I like a drink at night.

Bm                     F#7                            

Anytime and everywhere —

  G                   A             D

a drink will put me right.

    A bottle of this ...

Too many things to worry about,

it's hard to get through the day.

Theres a message in a bottle:

I’ll keep your worries away.

    A bottle of this …

You like to tell your story?

You like to sing your song?

Just give me a drink and I'll listen,

I might even sing along.

    A bottle of this ...

                G                            A                 

            A bottle will not kill me,

               Bm                                     G

            it wouldn't work that fast.


            A bottle is a friend of mine

                Em                       A

            as long as it will last.

Now, don't tell me, I drink to much,

it's not some kind of greed.

Believe me, I don't drink too much,

it's just as much as I need.

    A bottle of this ...

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